Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today's Buzzword: Synergy

No one likes overused business buzzwords, like say, "buzzword," but here's a quick note about "synergy"... Why? Because the new internet landscape nearly demands it!

If you've been paying attention lately, you've seen that the Big South has grown from its main website of several years time, to the addition of this blog just over a year ago (a matter of some debate at the time, actually), to the rapid expansion this year into YouTube, facebook, and Twitter!

We encourage you to keep up with the Big South Conference through any and all of these methods--whatever is convenient, fun, interesting, and valuable for you. You'll see some content overlap, of course, but we feel that each of these "new media" has something special to offer and brings some unique content to the table.

Anyway, back to "synergy": no doubt you've seen each of these elements promoting the others--SHOUT posts like this pointing out all these outlets, Twitter updates sending followers to the main site, facebook status links to the blog, and so on, bringing users from one to another (working together, feeding into and out of each other: synergy).

The latest addition to this circle (or "web" if I may): recent Twitter updates feeding directly to SHOUT, appearing in the right column of the page. At this time, it's set to show the last three "tweets" (not a big fan of that terminology, but what can you do?)...

There you have it: another day in the life of what you might call the Big South Online Network, one big happy synergetic family!

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