Monday, April 13, 2009

Behind the Scenes: Moe & The Highlander

No, the post title today is not a reference to some arcane indie production crossing the Three Stooges with sword-wielding immortals, but somebody's probably going to green-light that any day now.

But seriously (or at least semi-seriously) folks--it's time for our last installment of the original and uncut school-supplied mascot dance videos! So far you've seen the offerings from PC, UNCA, LU, CCU, and WU...leaving us with RU and VMI (making seven in all, no video this time around for HPU, CSU, and GWU).

VMI Keydets & Moe...

RU & The Highlander...

Speaking of the Highlander--here's some "you may have missed it" coverage devoted to the hirsute Scotsman from RU's NCAA Tournament appearance:
#1 on list of "Best Dressed March Madness Mascots" at
"...might have the best mascot in the tourney," according to the blog from Mouthpiece Sports.
And there's plenty more where that came from--do a search for "Radford Highlanders mascot" and you'll get a bunch of articles and blogs from tourney time ranging from the curious to the awestruck over the unusual character from the Big South (including one that had RU's symbolic hero in its "elite eight" bracket of mascots--where it got burned by the Arizona State Sun Devil before it could make the Final Four).

Before I hit the dusty Easter Monday trail away from the blog posting world for the day, here come a couple Big South SHOUT-outs!!!!

--to Megan Frazee, LU senior (pictured), selected by the San Antonio Silver Spurs in the WNBA Draft with the 14th overall selection--the first pick of the draft's second round and the first pick San Antonio had in the draft. Way to go, Megan, and best of luck to you in the WNBA!

--to Dustin Johnson, CCU alumnus, second golfer in history to log CONSECUTIVE EAGLES in Masters play at Augusta--that's back-to-back holes, a par five and a par four. He carded a couple of eagles in Friday's round as well, so those holes alone should give him a pretty good set of glasses as a memorable souvenir from his first Masters (Augusta National presents a pair of crystal goblets for an eagle). He finished one under par in his opening try at the "tradition unlike any other," which is a tremendous feat (tied for 30th with the likes of former champions Larry Mize and Vijay Singh, among others)--nice work, Dustin!

Speaking of golf, the Big South Women's Golf Championship has begun in Ninety-Six, SC. Best of luck to all the competitors (and watch out for the track and tennis championships hitting before the week is out)!

We hope you make frequent stops at, but don't forget--we also need more followers on Twitter/BigSouthSports and more fans at our Big South Facebook you're always welcome to see what we've got at YouTube/BigSouthSports!!! SHOUT...out.

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