Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On The EDGE?

Between you and me, I usually just knock those weekly EDGE promos/updates out on the first take and run with them like that...but some days you just can't talk, or the audio doesn't work, or the graphics aren't there, or, like today: (D) all of the above. Good grief.

Here's what finally came together after some botched trials and errors--hope it works!

And THIS JUST IN...the Men's Golf Championship finished up today, with Coastal Carolina University taking the crown--that's an unbelievable SIX straight titles for CCU Men's Golf!

Congratulations, Chanticleers!

The only championships left for 2008-09 now are in softball and baseball, so get ready for the race to the wire in those sports...and that's SHOUT--out!

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