Monday, April 6, 2009

Behind the Scenes: Blue Hose/Rocky/Sparky

You know, a lot of people enjoyed the Big South's "Dancing Mascots" tourney fact, when shown in arenas, it often turned into cheering contests for the mascot of choice. It was all done in fun and we enjoy sharing the laugh with everyone (even if we can't do it on YouTube--and no, we don't want a song substitute from the generic audio library, thank you).

But the edited group video is only part of the story. We've all gotten such a kick out of the original material in the Conference office, we've decided that (since all of college basketball is closing out the season this week) it's time to share that source video with you--that's right, here's your chance to see the uncut clips that came in from our schools!

Today's SHOUT will have three of the seven (not ten, as three member schools had either no video available or file was unusable). In the next few days, we'll follow with more--but please be clear--we do not claim to be putting them in any particular order.

So with no further adieu, "overture, curtain, lights..."


UNC Asheville...


That's all (for now) folks!

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