Friday, January 16, 2009

Weekend Plans?

If you're within reach of a Big South campus Saturday, there's plenty of good basketball out there to satisfy your hoops hunger...orrrrr, you can settle in with The EDGE and watch video streaming games all day long (if you're so inclined...or reclined, for that matter). That might not be a bad idea for those wanting to stay in out of the cold over the next few days!

With that said, here's the "On The EDGE" video update for the week on what you can look for from the Big South in video streaming, plus a few good notes about the match-ups themselves and some reminders about the variety of contests running right now on, all featuring yours truly (and the graphics have returned this week--huzzah!)... through the whole thing without that nagging cough that's been here all week...

And hey, while I've got you--don't forget to keep telling others about the Big South SHOUT--help us continue to grow! Oh, and also don't be afraid to send in a comment or two--it's been awful quiet out there lately.

Stay warm and safe out there, Big South fans!

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