Monday, January 12, 2009

Hoops Quick Hits

In case you missed it, here's the link to our Big South update for Rush the Court (men's basketball). It was sent in on Friday, so the weekend results were not included...even if they had been, it would not have changed too much--VMI is still on a roll, now 5-0 in Conference play and 13-2 overall, riding a nine-game winning streak. An interesting development along with that is how Radford is keeping pace, with Saturday's win bringing RU to 4-1 in the Big South. Liberty remains red hot at home. Charleston Southern needs to stop a freefall that has stretched to six losses in a row overall. And Winthrop has regained some of its footing, notching a second Conference win.

So other than VMI, each team on the men's side has at least one win and one loss so far. Meanwhile, after the weekend games, the women's teams have four "perfect" teams going into Monday's games...two undefeated: High Point (3-0) and Liberty (2-0)...and two winless: Presbyterian (0-1) and Gardner-Webb (0-3). With HPU facing GWU Monday night in High Point, the extreme ends of the Big South standings will expand or contract depending on the outcome of that one.

By the way, while we're talking hoops here, I'll let you basketball fans in (part-way) on a secret...

Okay, here's the thing...the Best of the Best fan balloting is still open--and although 10 of the 25 top moments in the running are basketball-related, only three of those hoops highlights are in the top ten in voting right now!

I can't be specific, because that would be against the rules, but I've seen the numbers and can share some observations: the top vote-getter overall has about 20% of the total votes and nearly double the entry in second place; the top four honorees all come from different schools; and most voters have been properly following the rules (vote as many days as you like, but only once per day), as only about one vote in eight has had to be discarded up to this point.

Why tell you this? To encourage you to throw in a vote for your favorite contender, of course (just don't try stuffing the ballot box)! It doesn't matter which one is YOUR favorite: each one needs your support to get its due in the final evaluation for the year-end "Best of the Best" results. See all the Big South 25th Anniversary information at

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