Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not THE Big Game, but Certainly A Big Game

HOOPS ALERT--all eyes to Radford tonight!
VMI and RU face off in men's basketball, and this is an early statement game for these teams: tied for first (6-1) in the Big South standings, the winner gets a leg up even with most of the Conference slate still to come. Strangely enough, it's Radford that comes in with the current momentum--VMI had rattled off ten straight wins but got upended at home by Liberty as part of last Saturday's results, while Radford now holds the Big South's longest positive streaks: five wins overall, six wins in Conference play! Buckle your seatbelts and get ready for a ride...and yes, the game is available on The EDGE, of course.

While those two squads tangle for the top spot, keep in mind that only one game separates the teams bunched from the third through seventh positions. When the regular season wraps up, the top four seeds will have home games (remembering that PC will be pulled out as ineligible/transitioning this season), so that battleground in the middle will have all sorts of fascinating subplots in the coming weeks!

On the men's side, every squad has at least one win and one loss in Big South play now--but the same cannot be said for the women's basketball standings with these teams. Liberty has managed to stay unbeaten through four Conference games--three of them on the road At the other end of the spectrum, Presbyterian has struggled winlessly through four Big South games--three of them at home.

In other news--it snowed all across the Charlotte area yesterday, the home base for the Big South office...that in itself wouldn't be news in a lot of places, but it is a rather rare occurrence around here, even the very few inches that fell on Tuesday...

...and speaking of things you don't get much in the Big South, VMI will be video streaming Keydets WRESTLING Thursday night, so check that out on The EDGE at

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