Thursday, January 15, 2009

Updating the Update

Hey there, Big South fans...yesterday we threw a "breaking news" update at you (and every time I hear that phrase now I can't help but think of the "Daily Show" promo line: "When news breaks, we fix it!"). Today we offer you (as Paul Harvey would say) the rest...of the story.

Wednesday afternoon, Presbyterian College did indeed introduce the new Blue Hose football head coach: Harold Nichols. Coach Nichols returns to Clinton, where his college career began--first as a QB and then an assistant for PC. His career coaching stints include a couple of tours with the Blue Hose, plus time at Georgia Southern, Rhode Island, and--most recently--Bucknell (as offensive coordinator). Here's a SHOUT of "good luck" for Coach Nichols on the new job, and welcome to the Big South!

Aaaannd yesterday's other fresh item regarded the impending appearance of VMI's Travis and Chavis Holmes on ESPN2...that has been postponed to NEXT week, time to be announced. So it's not canceled, but don't look for it this morning--keep an eye out for further updates on when the rescheduled interview will air.

That's all for now, my friends...more to come soon.

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