Thursday, September 18, 2008

Good Morning, Web-O-Rama! (Part Two)

So you were reading yesterday's Big South Web-O-Rama and said, "Hey, that's only half the Conference!" That's why we're back to finish the job today--plus a bonus item from one of yesterday's schools...

In His Own Words...
Presbyterian College Football Head Coach
Bobby Bentley has his own blog on PC's website. You'll discover it's not a fully-functional blog with applications and shortcuts, more like a running article/text page, but it is frequently updated and filled with insights on what Coach Bentley is thinking. Following a crushing defeat against Elon, he offers plenty of striking candor: "After having some success in our first year I think some were thinking we have arrived. This past week humbled us all....As a leader we must rally the team this week. The mark of a man is not when he is on top of the mountain but when he is in the valley."

Hockey, Hold the Ice...
Web-O-Rama likes to occasionally shine a little spotlight on sports not typical of the Big South, like
lacrosse and ice hockey, but now let's try some hockey without skates: Radford field hockey! The Highlanders got out to a rough start this season, but have now recorded two straight shutouts. Their next games will be against Stanford this Friday the 19th and North Carolina Sunday the 21st.

Reigning Cat(amount)s and (Bull)dogs...
The old joke asks us, "Why do you park on a driveway and drive on a parkway?" Don't worry about that nonsense, just focus on the
Parkway Series instead. This longtime out-of-conference rivalry between UNC Asheville and Western Carolina has begun its annual showdown with a volleyball victory by the Bulldogs. The teams meet again in many sports this year, and believe me, they're keeping score. The programs also track volunteer involvement and give a point in the standings for that as well. Good luck, UNC Asheville, get that win for regional pride and for the Big South!

This is Our House (and Our Park and Our Field, etc.)...
VMI, a school unquestionably rich in
history and tradition, offers a nice photo gallery of all its athletic facilities, with links to additional information about each one. The group naturally includes all the usual suspects, like the home of VMI Keydets football, but also offers a glimpse at off-campus sites, like the Virginia Horse Center, used for cross country.

That's a Wrap...
You may not spend much time thinking about taping ankles, but trainers have to practice to refine their craft, too. Here's a peek into some of that practice inside the training rooms at the Winthrop Coliseum...and look for the vintage Big South logo on the wall in those photos!

The promised BONUS item: High Point on Good Morning America!
That's right, tune in to ABC's Good Morning America this Saturday between 8-9 am (or set your DVR, sleepy-head) for a special look at what's going on at HPU: a feature touching on the school's "amazing transformation" and "astounding growth." Things are looking good at the High Point campus, as this national exposure comes on the heels of topping a list of "Up and Coming" colleges. If you miss it Saturday, here's hoping that ABC makes footage available on the GMA page.

Don't forget to check out Stony Brook University, associate member in football, as well.

That's it for Web-O-Rama this time...IN OTHER NEWS:
--Coastal Carolina alumnus Tyler Thigpen will get the start at QB Sunday for the Kansas City Chiefs! Coach Herm Edwards' move puts the Chanticleers and the Big South in a fairly exclusive club: only 32 men will have the honor of taking the field as a starting quarterback in the NFL this week. KC's had a tough start, so Thigpen's next steps will be keeping the job and leading his team to victories, neither of which is a given in the turmoil of pro ball.

--UNC Asheville's Kenny George is likely out for the season following foot surgery. This is a story you've probably seen repeated by a number of national news sources by now and echoed by college basketball blogs like Because of his height, the Bulldogs' "KG" has gotten lots of notoriety, cheers & jeers, labels & insults, and so on his whole career...from us he will get well wishes for a swift recovery. Good player, good kid--we enjoy watching Kenny play the game...after all, he did lead the nation in field goal percentage last year!

Big South SHOUT-outs to both those guys--Tyler for luck in the games ahead and Kenny for recovery and better luck avoiding injuries in the future...I'm outta here...catch you later.

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