Friday, September 19, 2008

What to do, what to do...

First, here's a link to check out (I'll wait)--go to the Red Zone of the Kansas City Star for a blog entry spotlighting Big South alumni Tyler Thigpen and Brian Johnston!!!

Now a quick game of TriBond for you: Crusoe sidekick, Ice Cube movie, casual dress.

What do they have in common?

FRIDAY, of course...and just because it's Friday, that doesn't mean your brain has to shut down--give it something to do (shameless plug style)!

--Review the Big South Anniversary "Best of the Best" and CAST YOUR VOTE for your choice of the best overall (and if you feel strongly enough, keep voting each day...but only once per day, please).

--Plan a trip centered on a Big South Championship event, starting by checking the full year schedule posted at

--Subscribe to The EDGE so you can watch video streaming of the games and championships you can't see in person.

--Grab The Vortex to customize your spaces with the Big South Conference--it's MUCH more than just another "widget." Copy it from SHOUT, put it in your Facebook applications, on your iGoogle page, your own blog (via available HTML), or any and all spots that will accomodate widgets.

--Reward yourself with some Big South gear--create your own custom piece by choosing your favorite school, color, and combining with the Big South logo to make a shirt (or other garment) that's all you!

--Prepare for the days ahead with the one and only "On The EDGE" Video Viewers Guide, available right here...

There you go, from the home of the Big South, TGIF (The Good Idea Factory).
No? Look, just because we don't have Guy Fieri doing our spots...oh well, have a good weekend everybody!

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BigSoutherforlife said...

Yeah son, i love it!!! Get fired up, the fall season is in full effect!!!!