Friday, September 26, 2008

Blog Block? Shameless Plug Time!

It's a rainy Friday in Charlotte...
Seems like there are a million things to say but for the life of me I can't think of what they all are--okay, so try the video and get me on the other side (19 streaming events to run through this week, lots of stuff on The EDGE)...

Oh hey, here's something cool and new--the MOBILE STORE!
No, it's not a store that's a way to get Big South Conference and member school logos for your cell phone or other mobile device! Get the logo wallpaper you want for only $1.99--all ten schools plus three Conference logo variations are available. Of course, the traditional merchandise online store is still up and running if you want to wear those logos yourself.

I know what you're thinking--three entries last week, just one this week, and it's only plugging stuff. may be right about that, so I'll try to make it up with some more insightful pieces next week!

Have a great weekend--enjoy all the fantastic games coming up!!!

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