Friday, August 8, 2008

Life on The EDGE & Web-O-Rama

Greetings from the Big South here on the echoing date of 08-08-08.

Things are moving steadily into the fall season--for an example, let's talk video streaming for a moment. The EDGE (presented by State Farm) is already bursting at the seams with games on the calendar. Last year, the fall sports combined for 156 events streamed live through This year the schedule already holds 215 events and is still growing as schools continue to add more games in volleyball, soccer, and football (plus a cross country meet, too). There's great potential for a huge year in video stream offerings--with the addition of two new schools and the experience of the original eight "stream-team" members, it should be possible to eclipse the 500+ live events of 2007-08 and surpass the 600+ mark (maybe by quite a lot).

With that set-up, I have to offer a shameless plug for The EDGE before moving on to anything else. If you haven't tried it, or have only limited experience with video streaming sports, consider this: you can have access to hundreds of live events, plus several hundred more recorded offerings On Demand(including archived games from past seasons) for a full year with an Annual Subscription of $79.95. Would you think twice about pay-per-view at merely 13-cents a game? That's just about what we're looking at with the full year deal. Of course, there are plenty of other packages out the season, by the sport, or by the game--and single game prices are the same as they were last year! We hope you enjoy catching all your favorites on The EDGE!

Time for Web-O-Rama!
Haven't done this in a while, let's take a tour around the Big South and see some website highlights...

*** Got eligibility left? Charleston Southern will be holding open tryouts for the volleyball team August 22nd! Read all about it at

*** Do you know what day it is? They do in Myrtle Beach: it's "Amber Campbell Day." The folks at Coastal Carolina share the celebration on behalf of their Olympian alum today (Friday, August 8th).

*** Gardner-Webb reminds us that football is not the only sport opening practice: women's soccer opened workouts this morning and GWU already has a photo album of the first day's practice!

*** High Point wants you to know all about the touch-ups and enhancements going into the Panthers' athletic facilities, like the facelift at the Millis Center (pictured).

*** You know, here's something we don't get to talk about much in the Big South: ice hockey. Liberty has club hockey teams (men and women) representing the Flames again this fall.

*** Here's a time-sensitive one from PC football: tickets still available for Presbyterian at Appalachian State, as the transitioning Blue Hose face off against the seemingly perennial FCS champs in Boone.

*** Add another Olympian for the Big South Conference and for Radford University: former Highlanders track standout Goran Nava will compete for Serbia in the 1500m.

*** Speaking of the Olympic Games, UNC Asheville has a first-hand account of trying to qualify for England's track team from UNCA sprinter Natalie Pearson.

*** Eight of the country's top military institutions will gather in competition at VMI for February's All-Academy Wrestling Championships. It will be only the second time in 15 years that VMI has hosted the prestigious event.

*** Winthrop continues to push itself against high-level hoops opponents--the Eagles recently announced they will be back in the Orange Bowl Classic near the end of December. Last year, WU downed Miami in the OB Classic; this season they will face the Florida Gators.

*** Finally, pay a visit to Stony Brook University, the Big South's Associate Member in football. I'm not picking an individual story here, I'm just suggesting you go and learn more about this new squad before they start bringing the pain against your favorite Big South team--they look pretty good, so don't overlook the "new guys"...with that in mind, we're also adding a blog to watch for the Seawolves: WUSB Sports.

Oh, and a SHOUT-out to Nic Bowman in the Big South Office, having a birthday this weekend!
Happy 40th, Nic! Whoa, just kidding...he's 27.

That's all for now--look for upcoming editions of SHOUT reflecting on the 25th Anniversary and offering more details on the launch of the fall sports season!

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