Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Label Stable Enabled

With the New Year here (see yesterday's post), SHOUT got a long-overdue upgrade for those interested in sorting through our growing list of posts: labels.

Blogosphere navigators are undoubtedly familiar with the concept, but if you are new to the idea, just think of the labels as a simple index or thumbnail list to get you to particular topics. The list can be found down the right column of SHOUT, below the links.

If you have a particular school, sport, or concept you want to check on, click the desired label and you will have the relevant postings. Just to be quite clear, we have many posts that list every school and several sports in passing, but the labels are primarily designed to focus on those posts that spend time on or emphasize a given subject. It is NOT a comprehensive index of all content references; rather, it is a set of tabs to aid users who like having shortcuts available for key words. To avoid getting drowned in labels, I will try to stick to the member schools, sports, and general themes of SHOUT as options.

That's all for now, just wanted you to know about the new SHOUT feature. Don't forget that we'd love to hear your opinions and observations--feel free to post comments any time...catch you later!


BigSouther4life said...

Love'n the label stable, glad it's enabled!

Dawn said...

Hey! Can the LC get a mention on the blog?? we would appreciate it!