Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy New Year (!?!)

It may not feel like it to you, but it will be a New Year in the Big South at midnight tonight.

June will draw to a close and July will begin, making this the 2008-09 academic and athletic year for the Conference.

That move from old to new also brings a change in membership for the Big South Conference: you can now officially include Presbyterian College and Gardner-Webb University as members of this ten-team league!

As a matter of fact, the folks in Boiling Springs have been so excited about GWU and the Big South, they even included a countdown to the big moment on the Runnin' Bulldogs' website. Meanwhile, the buzz in Clinton remains on the topic of PC being included in the standings and such, as reviewed in great detail inside the June 13 SHOUT posting.

July's arrival, in addition to celebrating Independence Day, marking a new year on paper for the Conference, and heralding the arrival of the new members, also means we can count down to some big goings-on Only weeks away, July 24 and 25 will be two big days for fans of the Big South--look out for the always-anticipated Football Media Day activities, plus some announcements and events regarding the upcoming 25th Anniversary season that are still hush-hush...stay tuned.

Well, folks, try to beat the heat and enjoy summer--and it's okay, you can start talking college football if you want...holding it in too long isn't good for you.

To close, Big South SHOUT offers a great big WELCOME TO THE FAMILY for everyone associated with Gardner-Webb and Presbyterian--we are happy to have you in the Conference and we look forward to great partnerships and great competition in the many seasons ahead!!!

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