Friday, January 15, 2010

Game On!

Just throwing in a quick word as we move through the basketball schedule from Thursday's men's match-ups to Saturday's men's and women's showdowns...

The headliner match for last night went to the defending champ, not the undefeated challenger, but don't worry--there'll be a rematch down the road. Coastal Carolina had won 12 in a row, but couldn't get the baker's dozen, as Radford notched a ten-point victory on CCU's floor.

MEANWHILE, Charleston Southern held on in the end in a tight home struggle with High Point (we warned you to keep an eye on the Bucs with this schedule set-up), downing the Panthers by three.

The net result: tighter standings and more contenders in the men's basketball standings--

Coastal 6-1
Radford 5-1
High Pt. 4-2
Liberty 4-2
CSU 4-3

The focal points in the men's race are at first place and fourth place. The top seed owns the right to host its way through the Conference Championship Tournament, while the top four teams will all be able to host first round games. Outside the teams listed above, Winthrop is 3-3, Asheville has two wins, and VMI, GWU, and PC each have just one win so far.

Saturday's MBB line-up:
GWU at VMI, 1pm
HPU at CCU, 2pm
UNCA at LU, 7pm
WU at PC, 7pm
RU at CSU, 7:30pm

So just like Thursday, we look to the South Carolina coast for two games, but with the opponents reversed--either way, it's four of the top five teams trading blows.

For the women, Saturday looks like this:
UNCA at RU, 3pm
WU at HPU, 4pm
PC at LU, 4pm
GWU at CSU, 5pm

So the top three teams (GWU 3-1, HPU 3-1, RU 2-1) are all involved in separate games...all important, but with slightly less head-to-head drama than what this weekend's men's schedule has delivered to us.

Okay--that's it--have a great Friday everybody------and ENJOY THE GAMES!!!

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