Friday, August 28, 2009

Schedule Havoc Strikes Streaming

Well, folks, our heart was in the right place--unfortunately, Mother Nature and other extenuating circumstances have done a pretty good job of altering the opening week of games for the Big South Network.

As I write this, the afternoon of Friday the 28th, we have the following Big South Network changes for the days ahead...

FRIDAY, originally four women's soccer game were scheduled to be streamed today...

GAME & STREAM CANCELLED: Clemson at UNC Asheville (orig. sched. for 4pm), due to severe weather and field conditions.

STREAM CANCELLED, GAME DELAYED: Alabama State at Charleston Southern (sched. for 4pm, tentatively reset for 4:30pm), due to severe weather conditions.

STILL ON SCHEDULE AT THIS TIME: 7pm starts for Loyola (MD) at High Point and for Howard at Radford, but stay tuned for any possible changes if necessary.

So we're left with two out of four there...if you watched the preview guide video, you saw two women's soccer games scheduled for Sunday--well, due to connectivity issues at Gardner-Webb, the ECU at GWU game (which will still be played at 2pm) will NOT be streamed as hoped, but we should still have the Tennessee Tech at Radford match-up for everyone at 1pm.

As for the remaining events mentioned in the week's preview, conflicting campus events have knocked out the men's soccer stream for Concord at Liberty on Tuesday (although the game will go on as scheduled)...while Wednesday's "Parkway Series" collision of Western Carolina and UNC Asheville in volleyball is still set to stream as planned.

So of the eight games we happily shared with you--regrettably only HALF will stream. Look for those fortunes to change dramatically for the better starting next week: we have six events slated for Friday the 4th, seven games scheduled for Saturday the 5th, five more for Sunday the 6th, and another pair on the 7th. That's 20 live events just for the extended Labor Day Weekend (I'm counting Friday-Monday)!!!

In other words, we'll get a shaky August start behind us and have a September to remember--with great events on the Big South Network coming in football, volleyball, and men's/women's soccer...we just need a little more cooperation from the elements so that everything carries on as planned.

Sorry for the inconvenience--hope we all have a great fall sports season ahead of us!

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