Monday, June 22, 2009

Just Think About It

Two topics on my mind today to share, offer a little food for thought on a Monday...

First, for the sports appetite, be sure you've got your calendars properly marked for the start of football season, just over ten weeks away now. As I write this, we sit 73 days shy of the first Big South team hitting the field for 2009: Coastal Carolina, on the road at Kent State for a Thursday night game (9/3, 7pm). It's 75 days for the first big Saturday of the season (9/5), with all the other teams on the gridiron. Only two teams will be at home (VMI vs. Robert Morris, GWU vs. Mars Hill), leaving most of the teams traveling to either regional rivals (PC at Furman, SBU at Hofstra) or national powerhouses (Liberty at West Virginia, CSU at Florida).

And buckle your chinstraps--those last two games above won't be the only ones against the BCS conferences this season. On 9/19, CSU is at it again--this time at South Florida, while GWU wrangles with NC State. Later in the year, one has to ask if it's a trick or a treat that Coastal Carolina travels to Death Valley on Halloween to face Clemson. Of course, the schedule is littered with games against familiar Southern and Colonial foes (mainly prior to the start of Big South Conference play in October), so there will be many additional chances for Big South teams to test their mettle against foes from outside the Conference.

Excited yet? Yeah, me too!

Okay, on to the second topic for the day--and not to sound like Dennis Miller, but forgive me if I go on a bit of a rant here...

YES, we really want Twitter followers, and YES, we really want Facebook fans, and so on...

But NO, that doesn't mean that we're not screening who's coming in--come on, folks, if your Twitter feed only exists to promote content not suitable for college athletics, it won't pass the test. Now I'm certainly not talking about anyone's personal page that may have included an odd remark or photo once upon a time (just in case you were worried), I'm referring specifically to Twitter Spam that points back to sites or services involving one obvious vice or another. It's one thing if you have a business to promote and do so with occasional links from your feed--we support that--we're DOING that--here at the Big's another thing entirely for your "feed" to consist solely of one commercial-content link or an endless series of off-color promotional plugs with links taking you to places unknown.

I hope that makes sense. It's just part of our efforts to keep the Big South outlets fun and appropriate for our growing fanbase. We're still hoping to hit a thousand Facebook fans and as many Twitter followers as we can possibly get, but not by padding the numbers with poor choices. If we "block" anyone in error, or if you should find the Big South linked to something inappropriate as outlined here, just contact me in the Conference office (Mark Bryant) to clear things up, just that simple--thanks!!!

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