Thursday, March 19, 2009

You Think Me Mad, Do You?

It's that time, most definitely that time.

The last few weeks have been a crazy frenzy of tournaments and championships, setting the scene for the biggest one of all, the Big Dance itself.

Well, as I write this (1pm Thursday 3/19), the Big South has a team alive in four different postseason basketball tourneys:
RADFORD MEN: NCAA (Big South Champion, Automatic Qualifier, and a 16-seed, opening against 1-North Carolina in Greensboro...perceived by many to be the ultimate death sentence--but surely a 16 must beat a 1 SOMETIME, right? I mean, just because it's never happened...well, let's hope for the best!!!)
LIBERTY WOMEN: NCAA (Big South Champion, Automatic Qualifier, and a 14-seed, opening against 3-Louisville in Baton Rouge--tough draw, especially since an upset win probably means host LSU next)
LIBERTY MEN: CIT (This is the inaugural Postseason Tournament, and the Flames already have an opening-round win against Rider under their belts!)
WINTHROP WOMEN: WNIT (The Big South gets a team in the WNIT field, and WU is the top eligible team--best seed from the Conference with a winning record overall.)

As for streaming options, it's very much a baseball week--here's the quick rundown...

Admittedly, this is a quick note today--it should be longer after the "radio silence" you've been getting from SHOUT over the last two weeks, but the Conference staff is heading out to watch the Radford-UNC game together...for this game, we're clearly in the minority here in the Tar Heel State, but we'll be hoping RU can find a little magic.

ENJOY THE GAMES--more SHOUT coming soon...

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