Friday, February 29, 2008

Taking a LEAP

Greetings, one and all--and welcome to the new Big South SHOUT, our web log for all things "Big South." Since this venture is something new and different for the Conference, there couldn't be a better day than Leap Day to jump off into the blogosphere. Besides, we'll remember the anniversary pretty easily...even if we can't celebrate it more than once every four years!

I am writing this morning from the press box mezzanine at Clemson University's indoor track facility. Why from Clemson of the ACC, you ask? Because CU is the home for the 2008 New Balance Big South Conference Track and Field Championships. The meet actually is a joint event with the Southern Conference, a two-day affair with trials all day today and finals tomorrow. Because of the special nature of the event, it is being streamed on both The Big South EDGE and on SoCon.TV, with subscribers getting access to both streams (the Big South is the "Blue Channel" and the SoCon is the "Red Channel", and each will have athletes from both groups).

As they say in the relay, "take it from me": we are excited about having this blog as another way to get a wide array of information out to our fans, friends, and families around the world--starting right here with Indoor Track & Field, continuing through the next two weeks with the Advance Auto Parts Men's and Women's Basketball Championships, and beyond...

Thanks for joining us--and keep coming back!

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